It's Baaack!

Many have noticed that our Classic Mandalorian Helmet has been sold out for about a month. We didn't relist it right away because we were working on some updates that we really wanted to get done before the next run. 

What's New?

The Deluxe Mandalorian Helmet new additions are:

  • Low Profile Rear Detail;
  • 10mm wider from front to back;
  • Magnetic Rangefinder attachment;
  • Reinforced Rangefinder Stem goes from axel to eyepiece;
  • Slight cosmetic changes to cheek angles and T-Visor opening
  • Access slot from Rangefinder Earcap to helmet interior for wiring.

When Will It Be Released?

Well, we're happy to announce the new and improved helmet was listed today! You can see it here - Deluxe Mandalorian Helmet.

Order Early!

As of mid-February, we temporarily increased order processing time to 4-10 weeks. This is so we can prepare our kits for WonderCon in April, and have time to process regular shop orders.

Star Wars Celebration is only a few short months away, and we're expecting to get busier as Spring arrives. We definitely recommend making your purchase as soon as possible, to get into the order queue.

And finally, we want to thank each and every one who's shopped with us. MakerBak3D is rapidly approaching its 1 Year Anniversary on April 8, we're super excited and it wouldn't be possible without YOU! ❤

PS: Keep your eyes out for a special Anniversary Sale event!