There's a message on Etsy...

We get excited when we hear the Etsy sounds eminating from the phone. It means people are visiting our shop, and are interested in what we offer.

Then comes the message, "Can you make [insert something from left field here]?"

We see the posted image. We look again. Our brains can't quite grasp what it is, and it appears to be looking back at us.

We get some more information from the customer, and do our own research. Turns out, the image is of a cursed idol that this customer wants to bring to life. We look at each other, a little concerned and wondering if this is a good idea.

Throwing Caution to the Wind

The more we looked at the image, it grew on us. HK decided he wanted to accept the commission, so we notified the customer and finalized the details for the order.

Modeling took way longer than anticipated. Making the model 3D printable was also very difficult, due to the intricate details on the piece.

The overall size of the figure was to be 16" tall, so it had to printed in two parts - head and body. The spear, knife, and nails were all printed sepearately.

We made a custom stand for the figure, and added magnets into the base. We installed metal washers into the feet of the figure, and the magnets keep it in place.

Rather than printing the spear handle, we purchased a 1" wooden dowel that was shipped with the figure. There was no benefit to 3D printing the spear handle, and a wooden dowel is easier to paint, too.

Mind the Rules

According to Disney Wiki, you must obey these Rules when dealing with Shiriki Utundu - or face the consequences.

  • Always treat it with respect.
  • Do not have it close to fire.
  • It must not be wrapped up, buried or confined in a small building.
  • It must never be thrown or given away.
  • Beware its eyes.

Do You Dare?

Are you a Tower of Terror fan and want your own Shiriki Utundu? Do you dare to print this Cursed Idol? Well, if your answer is "Yes!" stay tuned...we'll be listing Shiriki Utundu as a DIY 3D Printable Model available for download from the shop.

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Happy New Year, everyone!