Is it that time already?

Whew! The year has flown by, we can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving here in the U.S.A. This is the time of year we give thanks for how fortunate we are; and at MakerBak3D, we are ever grateful!

We opened our Shop in the 2nd Quarter of 2019, and have achieved more milestones than expected in a short time. The Shop has made over 40 sales, and we have Fifteen (15) Five Star Reviews!

While we wish more customers would leave reviews, we really appreciate those who do! Reviews go a long way for small businesses, it's the best thing you can do if you're happy with your purchase.

Growing Our Listings

During the 3rd Quarter of the year, HK was been busy making new items for the Shop. We've added quite a few new physical items, along with an entirely new Category - 3D Printable Model Files.

If you own a 3D Printer, you can purchase our 3D Printable Cosplay Model Files and DIY! We provide complete instructions on how to print and assemble the Model, and if you have any issues we are here to help.

New Items

The Shop opened in April with our Classic Mandalorian Helmet and a couple of vape stands (which we're phasing out, so get them while they're still listed!). It was a very humble beginning, but we were confident that the Mandalorian Helmet we'd created was a quality bucket with unique features. We thought once people got their hands on them, they would want them. Turns out, we were right.

Since then we've expanded the lineup of 3D Printed Ready To Paint Cosplay Props to include:

Then there's our new 3D Printable Cosplay Model Files category, where you can choose from:

Currently in the works is a Pre Vizsla helmet, which will be added to the Shop as both a physical item and a 3D Printable Model File. Other than that, we're busy making and filling orders like mad!

Have A Cosplay Christmas!

If you're considering ordering for the Holidays, we recommend having your order placed no later than November 30th to ensure Christmas delivery. We're currently still at a 2-3 week lead time for physical helmet and armor orders. However please be forewarned that we may have to extend lead times to 3-4 weeks as the holidays progress. If you've got to have it by Christmas, order by November 30th!

We'd like to say Thank You to all of our wonderful customers, and please keep your pictures coming. There's nothing we love more than seeing what you do with our Kits, and it never gets old seeing them in the wild!

We Wish You All A Very Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Shadow & HK