The MakerBak3D Sabine Helmet is here!

HK's newest design helmet is now available in our shop. The Sabine Wren Unpainted Helmet is based off the character in the animated series "Star Wars Rebels".

The Sabine Wren Helmet ears are smaller than a regular Mandalorian helmet, but  HK did take a bit of design freedom in making them a little less cartoonish.

Like our Deluxe Classic Mandalorian Helmet, this Sabine Wren Helmet is 3D Printed, Radio Ready, and arrives Ready To Paint.

We spend about 12 hours post processing each helmet to minimize layer lines and prepare the helmet for your sweet custom paint job. Helmets are sanded, primed, and receive a final wet sand before shipping.

And of course, if you'd like a special certain something added to your own Sabine Wren Helmet just message us for a Custom Order!