DIY 3D Printable Mandalorian Body Armor Model Files

Have you been to our Shop lately? We've added a new Catgory: 3D Printable Models!

If you've got a 3D printer, you can download our professionally modeled Mandalorian Body Armor STL files and print your own armor at home.

These body armor models were made by HK7335 for his own Mandalorian Kit for WonderCon 2019. (We've posted pics of his Kit on our Instagram & Twitter accounts, check 'em out!)

Try It Out Before You Commit

MakerBak3D Mandalorian Body Armor 3D Printable Models can be purchased as a complete kit, or as separate parts.

We've priced the individual parts files so it works out to the same price as the entire kit download.

This way, if you're not completely sure about doing it yourself, you can purchase one part to try it out.

If you decide you want to 3D print the rest of the Body Armor kit yourself, then you can purchase the rest of the Body Armor STL files without spending more money.

Cosplay For All

Why would we offer our digital models for sale?  Digital downloads are great for us too!

We're a small specialty Shop, and simply do not have the production capacity to keep up with the current popularity of all things Mandalorian.

We also know that there's a lot of DIY Cosplayers with 3D Printers. Why not provide some tools to help them print some of their own costumes?

For those reasons, we're going to be adding a lot more downloadable 3D Printable Models to our Shop over the next few months!

More 3D Printable Models Coming Soon

HK is currently working on a Gauntlets design, and after that's been listed we're contemplating adding either a Backplate or Leg Armor 3D Printable Model.

Have a better idea? Let us know what downloadable STL files you'd like to see in the shop, we're open for suggestions!

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