Hello COS! We're MakerBak3D, a 3D Modeling Design & Printing shop located in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

We are a Professional 3D Model house with over 20 years' experience creating in the digital realm. Our work includes 3D Models, Animation and Visual Effects for film, television & music videos.

What can 3D Modeling and Printing do for you? There are so many ways this technology can speed up the creative process, and design of new products. Let's explore a few...

Have an idea for a product and need a prototype? 3D Printing provides creators a fast and cost effective means of manufacturing products for testing.

Cosplayer? We can create (or re-create) custom props, costumes, armor - nearly anything you can imagine! Check out the Shop for our feature packed 3D Printed Electronics Ready Unpainted Mandalorian Helmet!

Need an impossible to find replacement part? Using 3D Modeling & Printing, we can re-create the part digitally and print it out for you!

Found a printable 3D model online that you want? With our large volume printers, we can print objects up to 12" square in one pass. (We can print larger items, but they will be broken down into parts no bigger than 12" square and will require assembly.)

Where can you find 3D printable digital files? There are thousands of free & premium objects on these websites:






Depending on the size of your item and our production schedule, we can print most orders within 3 days.

Take a look at some of our work posted on Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter!

Feel free to contact us about your project, we look forward to make-ing with you!

ABOUT 3D PRINTING: 3D Printed items are created in a layer by layer process using filament material. Many items are printed with PLA plastic which is biodegradable, non-toxic and washable with soap and water. There could be very slight imperfections (ie dimples) and/or layer lines may be visible. This is perfectly normal for 3D printed items and does not affect their performance. However, it does make every item completely unique in the World!