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3D Printed Cosplay Helmets & Armor by MakerBak3D

HK7335 is a former Prop Maker turned 3D Model Maker/Animator for film & television who's fallen in love with 3D Printing at home.
HK is a big Star Wars fan. In fact, it's what propelled his journey to prop making and ultimately 3D Modeling, Animation & Visual Effects.

If you're a Star Wars fan, then you may have heard about an epic fan film he worked on: I.M.P.S. The Relentless. (https://impstherelentless.com/)

Recent prints included new armor pieces and accessories for HK's Mandalorian armor for WonderCon 2019. HK's Deluxe Classic Mandalorian Helmet is now available in our Shop. It has unique user friendly features, is 3D printed and Radio Ready!

If you're interested in something uniquely you, contact us for commissioned Cosplay works of art. HK is happy to work with you to achieve your dream design, that can be 3D printed, finished to your specifications, and shipped to your door.

We also make vape stands! Vaping got HK off a pack a day cigarette habit, and we recommend vaping to anyone who wants to quit. We have many mods, but had trouble finding stands that would work for our collections.

HK created two different vape stands, that have evolved into 4. And that doesn't include custom orders that personalized them to the max! If we don't have a stand that will fit your collection, message us for a custom order to suit your specific needs.

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Thank you for visiting our Shop, we look forward to make-ing with you!

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